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People Living with Disability

Disability is not inability. Africa is well known for white sandy beaches and wildlife tracking. These are unforgettable experiences for anyone, and restricted mobility should not be a deterrence to this incredible adventure. We work with a wide range of safari lodges, tented camps, hotels, beach resorts and self-catering cottages all of whom have made a lot of progress incorporating disability friendly and accessible structures. All major national parks now have either a lodge or camp with good access; you are no longer limited to certain areas only.

Families With Special Needs Kids

Travelling with a kid with special needs brings with it some extra challenges, but with careful planning and preparation this can be a perfect moment to bond, allow the kid to learn and enjoy life together. Whether the kid(s) in your family is living with Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, learning difficulty, any form of physical impairments or mobility issues we are able to create a delightful vacation experience for your entire family. Our team of qualified therapists is able to look after your family needs during the vacation.

The Elderly

Ageing comes with its own physical, emotional, psychological and social challenges; having someone with a good understanding of your ageing needs is our priority. Being elderly should never deter anyone from experiencing what the world has to offer in terms of leisure and travel. Our goal is to ensure that your itinerary is safe and enjoyable.

Terminally ill

Life is a gift that is made up of wishes, regardless of your illness and what the doctor has declared we believe a time out and getting to enjoy God’s glorious gifts of nature is the true medicine for your soul. We tailor your tour to your specific needs so as to make your wish to be on a vacation a dream come true.